What is Energy Trading?

Commodity and energy trading is the buying and selling of a variety of hard and soft instruments such as oil, gas, metals (Gold and silver), cocoa, coffee, wheat and sugar. Commodity trading is quite older than the financial markets, dating back to much earlier times. Over the years, these assets have gained popularity among investors and traders as a means of diversifying their portfolios and hedging against inflation. Also, the high volatility of the commodity markets makes them attractive to traders and investors looking to score big from the significant price fluctuations.

How does Shares trading work?

How does it work?

The most common approach to trading Commodities and Energy is with CFDs. Marketfxm provides you with the CFDs to trade and take advantage of the significant price fluctuations that these markets have to offer. With the help of our world-renowned award winning MetaTrader 5 platform, trading has never been this easy.

Traders can go long or short without having to physically buy these assets, and use the leverage as an advantage.

Key factors which influence price movement of Commodities

  • Demand levels from emerging markets.
  • supply levels of the commodities.
  • The US Dollar rate.
  • Weather conditions across countries
  • The availability of substitutes.

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