IB Monthly promo

IB Monthly promo


Join the program and start tracking monthly targets in your IB portal. The more targets you achieve, the more money you will earn.

The steps are straight forward and easy. Focus on two steps to get your highest rewards every month:
Ensure that your referred clients are trading actively, where they are generating an increasing volume and also that they are bringing in new referrals.


Step 1

Introducing new client

Step 2

Increasing VOLUME


Terms and conditions

  • Introducing brokers of Marketfxm are eligible to enter
  • This promo accounts for client’s who make their first deposit within the first month after being referred by an IB.
  • The terms of the program are not applicable if the client as not been introduced by an IB.
  • After making a deposit, the client should remain an IB referral until the end of the Month.
  • Total traded volume is calculated based on valid orders of all clients of an IB within one Month.
  • Marketfxm reserves the right to exclude an IB from the program in case of fraudulent activities.
  • Any situation not described in these rules shall be subject to Marketfxm’s decision.
  • Marketfxm reserves the right to change, update, or cancel this program without prior notice.
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