What is Share Trading and the Share Market?

Stocks or shares describe the units of or fractional ownership in a company. The price of company’s shares is concluded by the demand and supply of its shares in the market which is derived from its present or expected performance.

Several factors play a key role in influencing the price of a company’s shares, these include external economic factors, market events, company performance and earnings, and latest news and progress in regards to the company. Share trading is the process of buying and selling of these shares in order to make a profit from the price movements.


The stock market is where stocks are issued, bought, and sold. An efficient functioning stock market is a vital factor supporting economic development, companies would then be able to quickly gather capital when required.

How does Shares trading work?

CFDs on Shares provides traders with the opportunity to trade company shares without owning the shares, where they still make profits by speculating on the price movements. This means that you can trade on price movements using Spread betting or CFD trading account and can open both Buy and Sell positions on a stock, and benefit from movements. Join us at Marketfxm, where we provide you with exciting opportunities to trade and profit on share price movements.

Share trading is a diverse market and share prices can be influenced by a number of market events such as corporate actions, latest Company news, earnings and external market factors such as Economical changes, legislation changes and tariffs etc.

This vital information and tools such as company insights, statistics, news, state of the economy and technical analysis can assist in analyzing, evaluating and making effective trade decisions on stocks.

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