What is Indices trading?

Stock Indices refer to the weighted averages derived from a group of companies which are listed on an exchange. Basically, it refers to the average of a group of stocks from different companies. Indices have gained popularity over the years as they reduce volatility for traders, as they denote performance of stocks of a group of companies rather than just one. Indices trading involves speculating and trading based on the price movements of these stock groups. Also, since Indices are based on the average performance of several companies and assets, they have no physical basis to trade.

Some of the world’s most popular Indices are Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq S&P500, DAX 30, Nikkeri 225, EURO STOXX 50 and more.

How does Indices trading work ?

Indices trading can be broken down into two, one being speculating and trading on a single Index and the other trading a group of indices. Since Indices do not have any actual physical basis, traders usually utilize derivatives such as CFDs, index futures, ETFs and digital 100s to aid in the speculation and trade of Indices.

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Benefits of trading Indices

  • Risk Management for your Trade portfolio – Low volatility when trading Indices as its performance is based on the average of a group of companies rather than one and thus your investment is at lower risk.
  • Indices Market is open to trade around the clock, making it high flexible and presents many potential opportunities.
  • When trading market Indices you will be open to the returns and opportunities generated from a whole industry/sector rather than just a single company stock.
  • CFDs allow for leverage, which Traders can take advantage of and make more of their investments.
  • Easy to use trading platform makes Trading and analysis much easier.

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